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About Us

About Our Path:

Gurmeet Imaging is a family owned venture by partners and brothers Dr Gurmeet Singh, Dr Kuldeep Singh and Mr Swaran Singh.

After completing his post graduation in 1991, Dr Gurmeet had started radiology practice in Chembur with a small portable ultrasound machine. His endurance, high level of commitment to work alongwith a backing of his mastery in the field of ultrasound, quickly made him a well renowed and most successful radiologist in Chembur. In the present day, Dr Gurmeet is an authority in Ultrasound, Doppler and Conventional radiology. He was then joined by Dr Kuldeep & Mr Swaran in 2001 and together they conceived to start the first MRI and presently the most dominant MRI centre in Chembur. This was followed by lots of firsts with addition of Multi-slice CT scanner in Chembur and then further expansion of their operations to start a first comprehensive diagnostic centre in Vashi.

Dr Kuldeep has his core expertise in MRI, CT scan and authority in CT guided procedures including challenging biopsies and drainages with nothing short of a 100% success rate. This path would have been impossible to walk on without an efficient management of Mr Swaran Singh who looks after the operations of all the centers. His efficiency in handling the day-to-day activities is the heart of the centres. A prefect blend of these expertise have helped them attain a high level of efficiency.

Lastly and at the pinnacle of all this is the support of their father Mr Sant Singh whose foresight and vision has made this happen. He is the spine of this venture which would have never be able to stand upright without him.The dictum they follow is to treat every patient with the same empathy and concern like a family member. They live and strive to attain the highest quality standards which has seen them through as market leaders and they will continue to remain the same.

There is a major leap and paradigm shift in the healthcare industry. Remarkable changes have occurred in last few decades in the way the patients are being diagnosed and treated.The foremost reason for this is due to advancement in diagnostic services-particularly radiology.

We are picking up disease early, we are sure of the type diseases before treating the patient and we can visualise the extent of the problem inside the body before operating it!! This is all due to better and better equipment alongwith greater insight and learning in diagnostic services.

Our Commandments:

1. Evidence based medicine-Find the evidence of a disease before treating it.

2. You may not be aggressive in treating all the problems, but be aggressive in diagnosing them.

3. May compromise on charge but never on quality.

4. In any situation, do the same to all the patients what you would do to your family member.

5. Your biggest loss is when you loose your patient's faith.

We are Committed to

Excellence in diagnostic care

We have experienced as well as highly qualified doctor's. Therefor we have excellent Diagnose Care.

Reporting & Supports

Most of the larger laboratories have fully automated equipment and quality and statistical analyses are run daily on them.

Computerised Equipments

We believe in latest and advanced technology so that we get accurate result's. We have fully computerized equipment's.