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Heightened physician awareness to better clinical outcomes and increasing patient requirement to avail of high quality care, have made it imperative for providers to deliver targeted therapy. This has been made possible by the availability of sensitive and specific diagnostic tests, along with technologically advanced medical devices and equipments. These further enable healthcare providers to utilize material and human resources optimally. Overall, the Indian healthcare industry is estimated to grow at a rate of 23 percent per annum, from the current size of USD 35 billion, to reach USD 77 billion by 2012.1,2 This growth will be driven by healthcare facilities, private-public projects, medical diagnostic and pathological laboratories, and the health insurance sector.

The diagnostics sector is projected to contribute USD 2.5 billion, by 2012. An overview of the medical diagnostics and devices market, shows that as of FY 2008, the diagnostic and pathological laboratory (path lab) test services market holds 52.1 percent of share, followed by devices.1,2, 3 Demand for these sectors has been spurred by a steady rise in healthcare spending, which accounts for over 5 percent of GDP. Of this, public spending will approximate 2.5 percent by 2011, compared to the existing level of 0.9 percent2 increasing consumerism. With economic growth augmenting incomes of the middle and upper classes, their demand for accurate and timely medical care, is likely to increase.

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Excellence in diagnostic care

We have experienced as well as highly qualified doctor's. Therefor we have excellent Diagnose Care.

Reporting & Supports

Most of the larger laboratories have fully automated equipment and quality and statistical analyses are run daily on them.

Computerised Equipments

We believe in latest and advanced technology so that we get accurate result's. We have fully computerized equipment's.

Customers Satisfaction

We have experienced as well as highly qualified doctor's. Therefor we have excellent Diagnose Care.


our Rehabilitation Services gives exhaustive therapeutic and professional recovery to deliver a representative's obstructions to employ ability.

Qualified Doctors

Subsequent to giving conclusions, a specialist treats patients who are experiencing sicknesses and wounds. A specialist is likewise called a doctor.