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CT Scan

What is an CT Scan?

Computerized Tomography (CT) is an x-ray examination performed with a computerized x-ray scanning machine. The CT scan looks at the body in cross section. To produce images, a narrow beam of x-rays is rotated around the part of your body to be examined. The x-ray beam is monitored and recorded by an array of sensitive detectors which channel the signals to a large computer within the scanner. The computer then generates a visible image of the cross section of the body region being examined.

What are the preparations of the CT Scan?

Plain Scan of any part-No prepration required.

Contrast Scan of Abdomen-Rigorous fasting not required & only 2hours is good enough. Patient would be given an oral liquid water based contrast which needs to be consumed over two hours. This contrast needs to be sipped gradually over that time. Alternately, you can take the contrast at home & come after 1.5hrs of starting oral contrast. There is a flavoring sweetener added to the contrast which can be avoided in case of diabetics. Serum Creatinine blood test needs to be done & should be in normal range for the scan.

Contrast Scan of Brain/Chest/Any other Body Part-Fasting for 2hrs and Serum Creatinine blood test.

Virtual Colonoscopy-Patient needs to take low residue diet for 1 day prior to the examination. To avoid vegetables, fruits, meat/poultry products & wheat products. Preferably take liquid meal on the evening prior to the examination. To start Peglac(Laxative which comes in powder form) dissolved in app 1 liter of water over 1-2hrs. You would have loose stools in the morning. On the day of the examination you need to have liquid breakfast(juice, milk, coffee, tea ect) & come for the examination.

CT Guided Biopsy/Drainage Procedure- To stop Ecosprin, Aspirin or any anticoagulants/blood thinners for atleast 7 days prior to the procedure. To get the Following blood tests done 1 day prior to the examination-BT,CT,PTINR;HIV;HBsAg,HCV.

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